Best Fourth of July Recipes

Best Fourth of July Recipes by

Best Fourth of July Recipes!  Whether you are planning to have a picnic or going to a family or friend’s gathering, we have gathered some of our easy recipes for you to try for this upcoming fourth of July celebration.  Besides, these recipes happen to be some of our most popular dishes, they can be prepared early in the morning or one day before.


 Easy Pasta Salad with Bocconcini, Tomatoes and Basil is super easy to make and serve without any fuss.  Fresh cherry tomatoes along with bite-size mozzarella balls, fresh basil, and olive oil are what give this pasta salad its amazing flavors!!



Easy Hot Chili Cheese Dip is made with only 3 ingredients, 3 layers, and only 5 minutes to make and 5 minutes to microwave this fantastic dip!!  After one bite, everyone will get hooked and ask you for the recipe!! …Oh boy- let’s jump for joy!




These Drunken Baked Beans Casserole are the best tasting baked beans you’ll ever have!  Serve them with hot dogs, burgers, kabobs, and everything in between!  Just combine all the ingredients into one baking dish and bake!  Easy-peasy!!



For larger crowds, maybe you would prefer to grill one large steak, instead of grilling many burgers?  Then try our London Broil Steak Grilled to Perfection!  With easy tips to grilling and slicing it to perfection!



And we can’t forget to serve something sweet at the end of the meal!  Right?

How about a classic All-American favorite!  Easy Apple Cake!  It is deliciously loaded with fresh apples, cinnamon, and butter and it’s served at room temperature.  Best of all, it’s a dessert that needs no forks or plates when serving.  Only a napkin will do!




We hope you will get a chance to try one or maybe even a few of our recipes for this year’s fourth of July!  Thank you for your support!  And whatever your plans are for this fourth of July, we hope it will be filled with delicious foods and drinks!

Make it a safe holiday! Happy 4th of July weekend this year!



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    1. Thanks Joanne! But, you know I will have to get more veggie dishes for you next time! Hope you had a lovely 4th! Have a great day!