Chocolate Madness with Cake and Ice Cream!

Here is a fun dessert you can make with the kids in only 5 minutes!  Chocolate Madness happens to be another one of Liz’s ingenious creations! It’s made with chocolate ice cream,  pieces of chocolate cakes filled with cream, topped with fresh whipped cream, chocolate syrup and caramel sauce. Yum-my!

She created this dessert using only the sweets she had on hand.  It’s really nothing fancy, and nothing home-made, but she made it look incredibly DELICIOUS! And, it was AWESOME!

Chocolate madness looks like a huge Mount Everest of a dessert and something that Aunt Liz knew the kids would go bonkers over!  And they certainly did!  Try making your own creation….. you’ll have fun doing it!

Chocolate Madness!

  • 1 box of  Drakes Yodels
  • 1 box of Devil Dogs
  • 2 Klondike Chocolate Ice Cream Bars
  • 1 can whipped cream
  • chocolate syrup
  • caramel sauce
  • chocolate sprinkles

Use a large tray or serving platter.  Place two Klondike ice cream bars in the center.  Chop and scatter a couple of Drakes Yodels and Devil Dogs.  If you don’t have any,  just use any chocolate cake you prefer.

Make white mountains of whipped cream everywhere!

Drizzle chocolate syrup on top and then caramel sauce!  Top with chocolate sprinkles. Serve immediately!   It ‘s that EASY!  

All the kids devoured it in seconds!  The adults tried to taste it, but.. the kids fought them off…
Serves 4 – 6

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