Mini Fillo Pastry Stuffed with Peas, Onions and Capers

Mini Fillo Pastry Stuffed with Peas, Onions and Capers by

Mini Fillo Pastry Stuffed with Peas, Onions and Capers.  Sweet tasting garden peas are gently sautéed with onions and capers then stuffed into mini flaky pastry shells and baked for a few minutes, makes them the perfect bite-size appetizer!

I decided to make an easy appetizer using Mini Fillo Shells, which I picked up at the freezer section at the supermarket.  I wanted to make a warm appetizer that I can make ahead of time, but not one filled with cheese or cream.   These are bite size pastry shells filled with a vegetable mixture that are delicious and fun to eat!

Not only are these Mini Fillo Pastry Stuffed with Peas, Onions and Capers easy and delicious, but they come together in no time!  Make ahead, then heat them up as your guests arrive! Then watch how they’ll disappear.  They will definitely impress everyone at your next party or gathering!

A great tip our mom gave us when entertaining, is to calculate about 2 to 3 appetizers for each person. Then you can get an idea on how many to make for each appetizer, based on how many guests will be attending.

I love these Athens Mini Fillo pastry shells.  They come already fully baked, making it easy to just fill and serve!

Try our recipe for  Sweet Garden Peas with Onions and Capers  we posted a few weeks ago as the filling this for this bite size appetizer!  Then follow our easy directions below.

Serve these Mini Fillo Pastry Stuffed with Peas, Onions and Capers warm or at room temperature.



Easy Directions:
Make our Sweet Garden Peas with Onions and Capers recipe the night before.  Refrigerate until you are ready to use them.
Take 2 boxes of Fillo pastry shells ( 15 per box) out of the freezer, allow them to defrost for 15 minutes on the counter.  Fill each pastry shell with the peas and onions mixture and place them onto a baking sheet.

Bake them in a preheated oven at 350 F degree, for 10 to 15 minutes.  Remove and serve warm.

You will need 2 to 4 Boxes of Athens Fillo Shells (about 30 total).
Depending how many guests you are planning to have, always estimate 2 to 3 mini appetizers per person.

Yields: (if 2 boxes), 30 mini bite size appetizers

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  1. Made the banana and strawberry kabobs..Went very well at kids party..But…how do we keep the bananas from browning on the sticks?

    1. Hi Anonymous! Try sprinkling powdered sugar generously onto bananas before the chocolate goes on, then refrigerate immediately. This should help prevent the bananas from browning.