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Welcome to 2sistersrecipes.com website and blog!

Dear Friends,
I want to thank you for being so kind and for joining us as followers.  It has been a little over a month since we started this site and its still a work in progress!
It’s definitely challenging to say the least.  While we are still working to get out all the kinks, we hope to have it better organized  for you, including our contact information as well. 
Our two wonderful parents, born in Naples, Italy  have inspired us to love cooking!  The recipes we feature are simple and healthy with an Italian influence, of course!
My sister and I like to use fresh ingredients and even organic when possible.  I shop at Whole Foods, Super Stop & Shop Supermarket, and at organic stores in town, while my sister Liz,  loves Costco, WF, Trader Joe’s and Fairway.  She’s always telling everyone how…. she’s going broke saving money!  LOL……
Currently, I am using the Canon Power Shot Digital Camera,  while my sister Liz is using Nikon Cool Pix S8100.   We are definitely looking to up-grade to the Nikon D 3000 Camera  very soon!   I heard the Nikon D 3100 is even better.  But, I am also in the learning stages of photography.
We hope you find our blog inviting and full of delicious foods for you to try!  We welcome your comments!   Thanks again!
Have a wonderful  “Mother’s Day” everyone!
Anna and Liz

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