Could GMOs be Making You Sick?

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Could GMOs be Making You Sick?  There is something that worries us to no end.  Our loved ones, family, and friends are getting sick!  We hear that more and more people are coming down with a disease or cancer as each year goes by, and it’s so frustrating, to say the least.

I thought to pass along some valuable information on “could GMOs be making you sick” along with links to articles and videos so that it may bring out awareness to the problem that we are facing with our food and agriculture in the US.

What is a GMO?  Let me tell you…

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism.  Simply means that most of our food has been genetically altered using genetic engineering techniques. 

Basically, GMOs are man-made, not tested for long term human safety, and pose disastrous consequences to our water, land, and the entire food supply.

Did you know?  It is required to label Food as a GMO in 64 countries, allowing the consumer to make the decision whether to buy it or not.   And what’s worse?  It’s NOT required here in the US!

Interesting, right?  Therefore, the average consumer (you and me) cannot tell if our food has been altered or not.

Apparently, our farmers have been doing this for years and our FDA either ignores it or simply allows it for monetary or population control reasons.  We’re not sure.

GMOs are not only found in our plant-based food, but it’s fed to our cow, chickens, turkeys and other meats that eventually we ingest.


Could GMO's be Making You Sick? by


Could GMOs Be Making Us Sick?

Most probably yes, especially our children.  Statistics have shown that just within the past few years alone, allergies, asthma, obesity, and even some cancers have gone up amongst our children, which has sparked me to write this post about GMOs.


What Can We Do About It?

I think it’s vital that we better educate ourselves about what we ingest in order to protect our families and to live healthier lives without disease and cancer, which has become a nationwide epidemic.

We do our best to buy organic whenever possible. 

Sure it’s expensive, but we feel it’s worth investing in our family’s health, especially nowadays when the cost of getting sick has doubled.

When shopping, we try to look for labels stating “USDA organic” or Non-GMO food on packages. It’s not always possible, but we try our best to find them.


For more information, we found this short article with links:

“Citing several animal studies, the AAEM concludes “there is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects” and that “GMO foods” pose a serious health risk in the areas of toxicology, allergy and immune function, reproductive health, and metabolic, physiologic and genetic health.”**

Also, here is a helpful guide where you can download for a “free guide” for buying NON-GMOs foods.

Also, my sister Liz found a link and shared it on Facebook recently, which is also what sparked me to do this post about GMOs and why it could be the culprit behind making us sick. 

You may not be able to watch this video at work, but please do it at home in your leisure time.






Here is another video, recommended by my friend Nicole who is a medical doctor.  It’s a documentary on how eating the wrong foods can make us sick.

Both videos are very interesting and very educational to watch.  I hope you get a chance to view them and tell us your thoughts if you agree or disagree.


Helpful Tips to Avoid GMOs!

  •  Look for the USDA Organic Seal ~ It usually starts with the “number 9” on its label and organic foods are strictly certified and not allowed to contain GMO ingredients.

  •  Look for foods verified as GMO-free ~ The two most common verification programs are the GMO Guard and the Non-GMO Project.

  •  Avoid buying processed foods ~ We have been told that most processed foods contain GMOs.

  •  Eats lots of fresh and frozen produce ~ Not all fresh produce or frozen is GMO-Free.  But if they contain a label with numbers, they should start with the #9.  Or you can ask someone in the produce aisle. 

  • Look for “grass-fed” meats.

  •  Try dried grains, beans, nuts, and seeds.

  •  You can also, research and purchase imported food products ~ many countries prohibit the cultivation of GMO crops.

  •  If you can, it’s best to grow our own food using non-GMO seeds.

  •  Also, if you can, buy from a local farmers’ market or farm as much as possible.


For years there has been a debate on this issue, and you may have heard intriguing arguments from both sides of this never-ending GMO debate.  But it is ultimately up to us and our decision to make.

Until the regulatory environment is strong enough to ensure transparency and greater access to giving us accurate information, we must empower ourselves and make better choices and decisions that are best for our families.  

Thankfully, there are many places to start. 

Hopefully, with these tips, we should soon be on our way toward a more confident, easy, and informed shopping experience. 



Happy and Healthy Eating!  🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Anna and Liz

This post was first published in May 2014 and has been updated, including adding in new links (most links were previously deleted). 

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  1. This is a great resource document and I will be sharing it with friends and family. I have been soda free for more than 5 years and don't miss it one little bit. I also try very hard to keep our main diet full of non-GMO foods. It is so very hard. Preservatives, artificial ingredients, GMO's – it's no wonder we have so much cancer and other diseases. Thanks so much for this great post.

    1. I'm so glad Tricia, we stop drinking soda a long time ago as well. And, we hope to get the word out there- thanks for sharing this post with family and friends. xxoo

  2. Hi Anna and Liz, Thanks for posting about this very important issue. It is upsetting to many of us that the powerful companies like Monsanto have lobbied so hard to prevent simple labeling on products. People deserve to know about what they are buying.