Prague – Best Things, Sites and Tips to Know!

Prague, the heart of Europe! Best Things, Sites and Tips to Know! (Part 1)

Czech Republic is located in the heart of Central Europe and Prague is a beautiful, clean and exciting city filled with history and rich architecture from Gothic, Italian Renaissance and Baroque influence.  We took a trip to Prague a week ago and loved everything about it!

Here are some of the sites we visited recently along with some good tips for you to know while you’re planning your trip to visit this great city, Prague.

Whether you take a day trip, or travel for 3 days or more, Prague is a wonderful city to tour on foot and enjoy this magical city and everything it has to offer.



Old Town Square, by

Ole Town Square in Prague, by

Old Town Square is most popular to visit in Prague because all the streets flow into it.  Best of all -the views in every direction are magnificent!  The center of the square is where many tourists gather to enjoy its colorful and diverse architecture.  Old Town Square is a great place to sit at many of its outdoor cafes and enjoy a coffee, cappuccino, or one of Czech’s finest beer.

Travel TIP:  Prague has mostly cobblestone streets and brick pavements, so pack a good pair of walking shoes for your trip.

Prague Best things Sites to Know by

As you walk through the main square of Prague you can’t help notice some of the famous facade murals on their buildings and houses.  Some of these beautiful murals are among the most photographed in Prague.

Prague, best things sites Tips to know by




Water Cruise in Prague to see the city on both sides of the river.

Take a water cruise to see the city of Prague from both sides of the river and the famous Charles Bridge.

Travel TIP: Bring a jacket or sweater every where, the weather changes every few hours and especially gets cooler in the evening.



Astronomical Clock in Prague

The Old Town Tower holds one of the city’s biggest attractions, its Astronomical Clock, dating back to 1410.  Every hour the crowd awaits patiently for the clock to strike at 12 so the “Walk of the Apostles,” aka statues can peak out of the windows and rotate while the bell chimes.

The calendar and Gothic sculptures were added in 1490.  Prague’s Astronomical Clock is one of the oldest clocks in the world, a true masterpiece and it still operates!  Pretty cool…


EAT Like a LOCAL, TRDELNIK (Chimney Cakes)

TRDELNIK means Chimney Cakes, traditional sweet treat in Prague

One of Czech’s traditional treats! Trdelnik, known as Chimney Cakes are made of rolled yeast dough that is wrapped around a stick and roasted over an open flame until golden crispy then brushed with butter and rolled around in a cinnamon-sugar mixture. They are filled with either chocolate sauce, whipped cream and fruit, or vanilla ice cream.  They’re delicious and very cheap!

EAT like a LOCAL!   While in Prague book a Food Tour with and enjoy some of Czech authentic cuisine.



St. Nicholas Church in Prague

St. Nicholas Church in Prague, by

St. Nicholas Church in Prague,

Tour the famous St. Nicholas Church with views of Baroque architecture, gorgeous altar pieces, massive chandeliers, Renaissance paintings and other sparkling details.

Also, St. Nicholas Church is located in the Old Town Square and the tour is FREE!



Mozart Opera House in Prague, by

The famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart conducted his first masterpiece of Don Giovanni here in Prague in 1787 in this Estates Opera Theater.  If you love the arts and love opera, click here to this site to purchase tickets to any upcoming operas when visiting Prague.

Prague is a beautiful walking city.  You can walk and see most of the sites, or hop on a tram for about $1.oo per ticket and visit other parts of Prague.  We walked about 5 to 6 hours each day touring the sites.  There’s so much to see, I got carried away with the photos.  This is only Part 1 of our trip.  I look forward to posting Part 2 of our trip, along with more best sites, chic retreats, tips to know and best places to eat.

Travel Tip:  Czech Republic currency is in crowns. The exchange rate is approximately $1 (US dollar) equals 22 crowns.  So you will need to do some math in your head, or use your phone as a calculator.

Here is a link to our follow-up post for Prague (Part 2). 

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