Best EATS in Prague!

Best EATS in Prague! Join me while I share with you some of the best places to eat in Prague!

If you plan a trip to Prague in the near future, here are some of the BEST Eats in Prague that are charming places slightly off the beaten path, yet still very close to every place you want to visit in Prague.

This summer we returned to Prague and found some new places to share with you for “a taste of Prague.”  Keep in mind, with so many places to choose from, these are some of our favorites places to eat while visiting Prague!



First, there are three places we recommend for their delicious breakfast, these restaurants also offer a lunch and dinner menu as well and offer special Czech dishes.

 CAFE SAVOY is located in Prague 5  (Mala Strana), and has its own bakery on premise.  Their menu is inspired by classical French cuisine with a mix of Czech dishes.  Cafe Savoy is full of history and art.  It’s a perfect little spot to enjoy coffee and dessert! Reservations are highly recommended, even for breakfast.

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CAFE IMPERIAL is located inside the Art Deco Imperial Hotel of Prague (Na Porici 5, Prague 1).  And it’s a 10 minute walk from the Old Town Square.  They offer a wide range of breakfast items to choose from.  The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is early 30’s art deco, elegant and historic.

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Sometimes I enjoy stopping in for a quick afternoon coffee and snack.  They make the best cappuccino ever!!  And they serve it with a chocolate truffle and a small glass of water.  Simple and elegant!

Cafe Imperial also offers Czech signature dishes on their menu.  If you want to try some Czech cuisine, I highly recommend Cafe Imperial.

Breakfast at Imperial Cafe in Prague by

Next on our list of favorites is LA BOTTEGA LINKA!

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LA BOTTEGA LINKA is also a short walking distance from the Old Town Square.  It’s a local Bistro with a versatile menu from breakfast to specialties from the grill.  Very casual atmosphere, with a lovely staff and there’s never a wait or a long line to get in.  And the food is excellent!

One of their signature dishes (and it happens to be our favorite) at La Bottega Linka, is their grilled octopus over creamy mashed potatoes and charred truffles.  I have to tell you, it’s outstanding!

La Bottega Linka by

LA BOTTEGA LINKA also has its own on premise bake shop.  Here is one of their classic pastry’s filled with passion fruit cream.  This dessert with their white chocolate logo on the side was amazing!!

La Bottega Linka by

Another BEST Eats in Prague is a restaurant for Lunch and Dinner, called MANU Praga!  (also in Prague 1)

MANU PRAGA is a chic and elegant restaurant with an open kitchen and spacious seating with tasteful  modern decor. Their menu offers Italian classics from fish and meat carpaccio’s, to delicate handmade pasta dishes and even fantastic pizza’s.  They’re open for lunch and dinner.

Manuele Ridi is the owner and overseas the entire menu, and even changes their special’s daily. The food is exceptional!

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How about some SUSHI on our list of Best Eats in Prague! 

SaSaZu restaurant is known to be the best Asian restaurant in Prague!  Their dishes are a work of art!  Just check out SASAZU website for their classic dishes and make reservations to eat there.  You won’t be disappointed.

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And if you want to splurge on an upscale restaurant that is popular among locals, try KOGO SLOVANSKY DUM Restaurant.  It too is located in Prague 1, and offers a wide menu of meats, seafood and tapas!  Beautifully hidden behind a mall surrounded by lovely gardens, shops and cafes.  They offer indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the gardens.

However, keep in mind if you are planning to eat there on any weekend, we highly recommend you make reservations, or the wait may be very long.

Kogo Restaurant in Prague 1, by

Another upscale restaurant in the area is called CASA DE CARLI owned by a young chef named Matteo De Carli, who was also a chef at New York’s famous Cipriani’s on 59th Street, New York City.  Fabulous authentic Italian dishes!

CASA DE CARLI is open for lunch and dinner and everything on the menu is SUPERB!

Casa De Carli Restaurant in Prague by


 KAMPA PARK Restaurant is one of Prague’s premiere fine dining that offers gourmet French-style dishes, with 3 summer terraces and a romantic winter garden, all on the river with spectacular views of the Charles Bridge and more!  The food and service were exquisite!

Ask to speak with the manager Peter, who will gladly give you a full tour of the restaurant and its different scenic views.  Then make a reservation for the romantic date-night you desire!

Kampa Park Charles Bridge by


Best Eats in Prague continues…   How about Pizza! 

If your in the mood for a delicious wood burning oven pizza and one that gives you the experience of authentic food from Naples, Italy?  We found one!

 SAN CARLO PIZZA E CUCINA NAPOLETANA is also located in Prague 1, Mala Strana and they’re open for lunch and dinner every day.  This charming little place is located beside the boutique Hotel La Ballerina.  But keep in mind – they have become so popular you’ll need to call and make reservations for this one too.

San Carlo Pizza in Prague! by

How about some Czech food?  The best local PUB or Beer Hall!

The Czechs are known for their fine beers and ageless brewing methods.  If you are looking for one of the Best Pubs or Beer Hall in Prague?  We found it!

 LOKAL located in Praha 1, is across the Charles Bridge in the Old City called Mala Strana.  They offer a wide menu of their famous Czech beers, local authentic dishes and sausages.  It’s a fun, casual place to relax and enjoy a good beer with a sausage and potatoes.

You know what they always say, “eat like the local Czechs do!”

 Lokal Restaurant in Prague by

And if you’re LOOKING for a quick bite on-the-go in Prague?  … we found that too!

While we were seeing the sites, we stumbled across a sandwich shop where local Czech people eat breakfast and lunch on the go!  These are colorful open faced sandwiches that are very appetizing and are displayed like a work of art.

With a wide variety to choose from, it was difficult to eat just one!

Sandwich shops in Prague, by 2sistersrecipes,com

These sandwich shops are called LIBERSKE LAHUDKY and have 9 locations throughout Prague, making it easy for you to stumble across one!  And they are very cheap.  Click on the name and check out their website.

And last on our list of Best Eats in Prague is of course, the BAKE SHOP! 

Many students who come here to study abroad always go to the BAKE SHOP in Praha 1.  It was one of my daughter’s favorite places to eat while she was studying abroad.  It’s a Bistro / Bakery that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering even gluten-free and vegan dishes and it will surely leave you satisfied!

Plus, it has it’s own on premise bakery – offering some of the finest bake goods in Prague!

Bake Shop in Prague by

Well, there you have it!  I hope you enjoyed our post on Best Eats in Prague!  Please leave a comment below – we’d love to hear from you!

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Happy Travels!  🙂


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  1. Oh Karen – well then -that is the perfect reason for you to go back to Prague ! And soon! lol…. have a great week!

  2. We had a wonderful time in Prague last month and I can second how good the restaurants are in the city. We went to CASA DE CARLI to make a reservation but the restaurant was booked for the night we had free.

    1. Oh Karen – well then -that is the perfect reason for you to go back to Prague ! And soon! lol…. have a great week!

  3. You have certainly found some gems. The grilled octopus does looks amazing! Thanks for taking along to dine with you in Prague 🙂