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Things to Clean Out in the Kitchen

Things to Clean Out in the Kitchen!  As we put away our holiday decorations, it’s also a good time to clean out things in the kitchen. As you know, things easily pile up around the house, and not only will a big purge make you feel more organized, it’s also great for our minds. Each year I clean out my spice rack, vitamin cabinet, and even the medicine chest. The refrigerator gets an over-haul too but I do that often. Here are some helpful tips!

Whether its the weekend or a few hours in the morning, I find some time to clean out things we have been putting off due to our busy schedules and holiday festivities. And the kitchen is the place where I like to start.

1. The Spice Rack.

Funny, if you carefully look at the labels on your spices, you will not find an expiration date on most bottles. So how do you know when to throw them out?

Easy!  Open each bottle and take a close up sniff.  If the spice doesn’t have the scent of the actual spice itself or if it has a dull smell – like paint?  Then it’s time to throw them out.

Next, make a list of your favorite spices you use often, and forget the ones you hardly use.

2.  The Vitamin Cabinet.

If you’re like me, you probably buy vitamins for the whole family. Check each bottle for those expired. Throw vitamins into the trash and if you recycle, place the empty bottles in the recycling bin. Then again, write down the vitamins you will need to get next time you’re out shopping.

3. My third favorite place, the FRIDGE!

Go through every package and container in the freezer.  Examine each one, look at expiration dates, freezer burns, etc.

Ok, it’s a good idea to purge……

  •   Expired food and condiments
  •   Frozen foods so old you don’t remember what it is
  •   Ice trays or ice bucket need to be emptied and ready for new ice
  •   Frozen herbs that have crystallized in zip-lock bags
  •   Half filled ice cream containers


4. The Medicine Chest, or Drawer.   It too needs to get a visit!

So many times, we forget about cold medicines and even prescription drugs from last year have probably expired. As a reminder, I was told NEVER to throw them down the sink or toilet. We are suppose to throw all drugs into the trash, or place them into an empty coffee can, add some soil from outside, add a little water and create a muddy paste and then throw the entire thing into the trash. And it’s a good idea to remove the labels on prescription bottles before disposing them.

6. The Pantry.  This is an easy one!

Throw out old cereals, stale crackers and opened packages of leftover tortilla chips. You may even find some hidden left over Halloween candy like I did. Go through everything, and reorganize your food pantry.  You’ll be amazed how much you will throw out!
7.  Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets  These seem to fill up every year to the point, you can’t find anything….. it’s a good idea to go throught those as well and throw out items like:

  • Plastic containers with missing lids
  • Chipped coffee mugs
  • Take-out menus
  • Take-out condiments packets
  • Papers you’ll never look at
  • Extra utensils you never use

Cleaning and purging gives you a good feeling while it helps to eliminate brain fog and even maybe some stress. The kitchen is a good place to start!  Then you can take your time and tackle the other rooms in the house.

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Hello friends! We wish you the very best in 2017. The holidays are always special for us, as we hope it was special for you too! This is a new year for us as we love to share new recipes that will inspire you to get into the kitchen and whip up some delicious meals! … so stay tuned!
xo Anna and Liz

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