Dessert Cocktail Drink – Banana Cream Pie


Imagine a dessert cocktail that evokes only one word – scrumptious!  Banana Cream Pie cocktail drink!

Last week,  we attend a film festival event here is Charleston, South Carolina and as I walked into the room behind the bar was this adorable bartender who asked me what was my favorite fruit?  So I said- mine is bananas. “Alright” he said, and started to make a concoction.  I did mention to him to make it very light and my curiosity was killing me as he passed this pretty white cocktail drink to me.

Well for me…it tasted like a smooth banana cream pie!   The cute bartender was nice enough to tell me what were the ingredients.  Only two…

ingredients he told me, RumChata cream and banana liqueur.

So I ran out to buy the ingredients and to my surprise it was super fast and delicious… wow anyone can make this!  Trust me this delicious banana cream pie cocktail drink will easily satisfy any ones sweet tooth or cravings.

You can rim the glasses with crushed graham crackers or coconut flakes for a pretty presentation. The graham crackers will add the “pie crust” accent flavor to the drink.  I loved it!  I think you will too!

Dessert Cocktail Drink – Banana Cream Pie

  • 1 ounce RumChata Cream liqueur
  • 2 ounces banana liqueur

Shake together in a cocktail shaker with crushed ice. Pour into a cocktail glass and serve.
For a pretty presentation,  rim the glass with crushed graham crackers,  coconut flakes, or just sugar.

Serves 1

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