How to Make Pizza at Home

Craving Pizza?  How To Make Pizza at Home is achieved without great effort.  With premade pizza dough, most of the work is already done for you.  So making pizza at home is easy and fun for the whole family to enjoy, and as a weekend dinner, it’s a great way of gathering and creating traditions.  So let’s get started on how to make pizza at home whenever you’re craving for it!

If you love pizza as much as we do, we’ll show you how to make pizza at home and one that is restaurant-worthy!


What you’ll need to make pizza at home …

First, the Pizza Dough:

Luckily, if you don’t have time to make the dough (as we don’t) you can buy it already made from your local supermarket.  And we prefer to buy a few and keep them in our freezer so we can easily make homemade pizza whenever the cravings strike.  However, if you want your own pizza dough, here is a video on how to make it. 

When thawing, make sure you give it some time to thaw out properly. 

For best results, allow the dough to thaw overnight in the refrigerator.  Then leave it out on your counter for a few hours more to allow the dough to rise and warm up to room temperature before rolling it out.


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Take one dough at a time.  Grab any serving tray you may have.  I prefer to work with the dough on a serving tray because it keeps the flour contained in the small workspace and allows for easy cleanup.

Next, scatter some flour onto the surface of the tray (about 1/4 cup).  Take the pizza dough and pat it with your hands or roll with a rolling pin, shaping it to a rectangular shape to fit your baking sheets or your pizza pans ( whichever you prefer to use). 


A few methods to choose from when baking pizza dough:  

You can use a baking sheet, or pizza stone and bake it in your oven, or use your grill for a smoky flavor and lightly charred crust.

Also, temperatures may vary as well.  Typically, temperatures for baking pizza is never under 425 degrees F (218.3 degrees C).  It’s usually very high.  If any lower, you may end up with longer baking time and soggy pizza.


For a Crispier Crust:

It’s best to prebake pizza dough for about 8 to 10 minutes.  Then add your toppings on top and bake for an additional 8 to 10 minutes or longer until the crust is golden brown.

If you desire a thin, crispy pizza crust?  Make sure the oven temperature is between 425 and 500 degrees F (or 218.3 C  to 260 C).  If you use your pizza stone, we recommend you pre-heat your oven with your pizza stone in it.  This will ensure the bottom of your pizza crust will bake to a nice crunch.


For a Softer Crust:

Do not prebake the dough.  Roll it out and place it on your baking sheet or pizza stone.  Then spread your sauce and topping on top.  Bake for 12 to 18 minutes, until the pizza dough, is golden brown and on the bottom of the crust.


For Pizza Sauce:

Typically, for a Margherita-style pizza, which is a tomato sauce and cheese pizza, a traditional marinara sauce is used.  Sure, it’s easier to buy your favorite sauce, but with 5 minutes and 4 ingredients, you can make your own fresh-tasting pizza sauce at home.  And, we guarantee the quality and flavor is far better than any store-bought brand on the market.


Try our Best Pizza Sauce, and we think you’ll never go back to the store-bought brand.


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Start with a large spoon full of sauce and use the back of your ladle or large spoon to spread it over the dough for best coverage.  Then add on your cheese and other toppings you prefer and bake.

If you are not a huge fan of tomato sauce, you can make a “white pizza” which can be made with cheese, olive oil, and other toppings to your personal preference.


Try our White Pizza with Dried Cherries ~ it is made with prosciutto, cheeses and dried cherries and quickly disappears off the table every time we make it!

White Pizza with Dried Cherries by


For the Cheese: 

Pizza isn’t pizza without the cheese!  With that said, you can go crazy adding cheeses to your pizza, but you need the right balance of cheese to give you that gooey, melty deliciousness!

And that depends on the types of cheeses you add to your pizza.  But keep in mind, if you go overboard with the toppings, adding too much will prevent your crust to bake evenly.  Sometimes less is better.

Mozzarella is the best choice.  It melts easily and has a mild taste to it so you can add as much as you like.

You can toss on a blend of shredded cheeses like gouda and provolone.  Also, Parmesan and pecorino cheeses work well too.  And, sometimes we sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese after the pizza is baked, for more flavor.


For Toppings:

You can go crazy with toppings on the pizza. It’s the best part when making pizza at home.  Create your own flavors with a variety of toppings to add on, from mild to spicy to sweet and salty.  It’s not just limited to meats and veggies.  Go ahead to try new flavors.


More Ideas on How to Make Pizza at Home:

If you haven’t tried making pizza at home, now is the time!  It’s so much fun!  You can put your own spin on it and who knows, you may create a new flavor!  Here are a few of our favorite twists on pizza. (Click on their titles for the recipe).



Pear and Roquefort Pizza is a sweet and savory pizza with walnuts, 2 kinds of cheeses and topped with fresh arugula.  YUM!

Pear and Roquefort Pizza by



Fresh Asparagus, Tomato and Cheese Pizza is made with fresh vegetables and cheese and tastes amazing!

Fresh Asparagus, Tomato and Cheese Pizza by


Broccoli Tomato Pesto Pizza ~ loaded with wonderful flavors that burst in your mouth with every bite.

How to Make Pizza at Home by


But don’t stop there, go out buy the ingredients and start making your pizza at home!  Make them round or square, either way – have fun with it! … and enjoy!!



Also, you might enjoy making our Greek Salad Pita Pizza!  Pizza made using pitas instead of pizza dough!

Greek Salad Pita Pizza by



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  1. So thrilled to hear you will try to make pizza at home!! And yes, it’s a must – buy the premade dough and every thing else comes easy! Please let us know the outcome! xoxo

  2. Making pizza at home is something I’ve always wanted to try but haven’t been too successful at yet! Thanks so much for the tips and recipes. I need to find the pre-made pizza dough at my store for starters πŸ™‚