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Potato Skin Bites as Nachos

Potato Skin Bites as Nachos by


Potato Skin Bites as Nachos are little baked potato skins filled with our favorite taco filling, topped with diced tomatoes, green onions and shredded cheddar cheese and served as little “Nachos.”  Only these are without the tortilla chips!  The perfect little appetizer for all game-nights, with guaranteed success for everyone calling for more!  

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Easy Vegetarian Chili

Easy Vegetarian Chili by

Anyone in the mood for some delicious Easy Vegetarian Chili this weekend? Or, get a jump on your Super Bowl menu planning to include an alternative twist to a fan favorite staple.  This chili is loaded with great northern beans, red kidney beans and black beans, and simmered with red bell pepper, fire roasted tomatoes, chili powder, cumin and oregano. 

It’s thick, hearty and the BEST tasting vegetarian chili with enough spice to keep them coming back for more!  Whether your a vegetarian or not, this chili is so good, no one will notice the meat is missing!

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